Price Match Test

If you find a lower price for the same product in any competitor’s current catalog, advertisement, or e-commerce site we will gladly match that price if we have the product in stock and is done prior to placing your order with SubiSpeed. This allows you to shop with the flexibility knowing that you are always getting the lowest possible price. 
  • Our price guarantee policy applies only to advertised prices in advertisements or internet stores, advertisements or internet stores that are authorized distributors of the product(s).
  • The product(s) cannot be clearance, refurbished or overstock, eBay purchases do not apply.
  • All Wheels and Tires are excluded from the price match guarantee.
  • The price match is only valid on the actual product and does not include any shipping promos.
  • The difference in price will be in the form of a store credit. To redeem, you can simply give us a call or email us.
  • We reserve the right not to price match any offer.