BRZ/GR86 Test Page

The 2022 Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 are making waves as it inherits the spirit of a traditional front-engine rear-wheel-drive platform. Why is this important? Because it is accessible and affordable when compared to other rear-wheel drive sports car alternatives. Both platforms are fairly lightweight, they include all of the modern amenities that provide you with the creature comforts while commuting, and the handling and feedback are what makes these cars more of an experience rather than a means of transportation. 




That's right, new owners as well as our beloved Doug Demuro may have not discovered some hidden features in the new BRZ and GR86 that will make the ownership experience more enjoyable and convenient. For example, did you know that you have the ability to unlock the interior by using the trunk button, you can also disable the smart key function by making it impossible for anyone to get inside the vehicle without the PIN code. You can enable this function by pressing and holding the lock button on your key fob until the vehicle locks. Then press and hold the trunk button until you hear a beep, then enter your PIN code using the trunk button then you're good to go. 


Another cool feature is the ability to customize the settings to your liking through the touchscreen, or on the digital gauge cluster. For example, you can change the driver door unlock settings so that both doors will unlock at the same time, and you can turn off the beep and hazard lights that will illuminate and sound off when you lock or unlock your vehicle.


You can also adjust the defogger and interior light settings, as well as turn on features like one-touch lane changing, blind spot detection, and steering-responsive headlights. Additionally, you can customize the startup screen, gear select indicator, and shift light. This is especially useful for those who want to improve their fuel economy by shifting at the optimal time.




Now that you're getting used to some of the fun features there are some quirks to discuss. Like most modern vehicles, there is that unpleasant seatbelt chime. In the 2022+ BRZ and GR86, you can turn off the seatbelt chime by clicking the seat belt in and out of the buckle at least 20 times within 30 seconds. It's a lot of seatbelt clicking, however, this can be useful if you have to travel for any substantial amount of time if you have a heavy object on the passenger seat and you don't want that chime going off the entire time. 

The other quirk is the fake engine noise that gets forced into the interior - don't get us started. Enthusiasts want to hear that unique boxer combustion. We want to hear that custom EXHAUST UPGRADE, whether it be a CATBACK or an AXLE-BACK, you're in gearhead mode so unplug that metal box that controls these noises by removing the plastic trim panel on the passenger side of the car.


With that being said, these are just some of the few extra settings that new owners, enthusiasts, and stewards of the latest Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 can be made aware of to further enhance the overall driving experience. But notice how these extra settings take place in the cabin. You can take the overall ownership even further you know. Check out what we have for the INTERIOR to further enhance your driving experience for the daily commute to work and for that upcoming track event on the weekend. Because this is an example of not only how versatile the new BRZ and GR86 are, but this is why enthusiasts are excited to love driving again.