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Sticker Fab 3D Carbon Dash Overlay Package - 15+ WRX / 15+ STI / 14-18 Forester / 13-17 Crosstrek


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Cover up the factory hydro dipped trim with 3D carbon fiber vinyl for a look and feel that's closer to real carbon fiber.

NOTE 1: S207 badge is NOT included. Comes with two full sets.

NOTE 2: You MUST have the original silver trim pieces that have the same shape as the photos in this listing. The larger pieces that come in some special edition vehicles are not shaped like these and this item is not compatible with them.



3D Interior Touch

The 2015+ WRX / STI have a few trim pieces inside the cabin which are hydro dipped from the factory. While this gives the interior a sporty look, it can leave a little more to be desired. Other Subaru models actually have carbon fiber textured vinyl laid over interior trim pieces. This package provides precut vinyl which you overlay on top of the factory trim pieces to enhance the look and feel.

Installation requires a little skill, however two full sets are provided. This allows you to learn how the material responds to heat and stretching. Please see the additional tab for more details.

NOTE: S207 badge is NOT included. Your factory dash pieces must be the same shape as these to use. Some special edition Crosstreks have different trim.

This Part Fits

  • 2013-2017 Crosstrek Sticker Fab 3D Carbon Dash Overlay Package
  • 2015-2020 STI Sticker Fab 3D Carbon Dash Overlay Package
  • 2015-2020 WRX Sticker Fab 3D Carbon Dash Overlay Package
  • 2014-2018 Subaru Forester Sticker Fab 3D Carbon Dash Overlay Package


Additional Information

Installation Instructions

We recommend that you take off the stock trim pieces in order to wrap them. The pieces are precut, but some heat and stretching allows for the best install.

To take off the trim pieces, use a screwdriver and wrap the tip in tape or a cloth to prevent damage to the stock finish on the trim. Even if you leave a little scratch, the vinyl pieces you're installing will cover them right up. Insert the screwdriver on the bottom side of the trim pieces and gently move from one side to the other. The passenger side has several plastic pops on the end while the driver's side has two clips. The driver's side will definitely require more force to remove.

Once you've removed these pieces, we recommend that you get a heat gun, hair dryer, or ready your oven. We found an oven as a great tool. Preheat it to around 175-180 degrees. Apply the vinyl without water to the trim piece. You may need to remove it a few times and straighten it out until it covers the trim piece properly. Don't worry about the tough edges at this point. Heat it in the oven for about a minute or warm it all up with your hair dryer / heat gun. Now you can stretch then vinyl and wrap any excess around the edges.

Once you're done, you can reinstall.

Additional Warranty Information No

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  1. Fantastic product!

    By Brian January 07, 2019

    First let me begin by saying, do not, I repeat do not- attempt to install these pieces without removing the trim panels first.

    With that thin tip flat-head screwdriver you can pry open the side of each trim panel. I recommend using a damp paper towel. Wrap it around the edge of the flathead screwdriver tip. Once you pry open the first side you can put your finger underneath it and with a firm tug the first clip will release. There's two clips on the left side and three Clips on the right side. Be careful and make your movements precise to avoid breaking the clips.

    Now that the pieces have been removed, use rubbing alcohol to clean them off to allow proper adhesion.

    I recommend putting the stickers in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds depending on the strength of your microwave. This will allow them to stretch. This will give you a better overall result.

    Using your fingers, cover the trim pieces with a slight residue of water.

    Peel the stickers away from the factory film cover to prepare them for fitment.

    I recommend starting from one corner at a time, applying pressure gradually as you lay the sticker across the trim piece.

    Keep in mind stickers are slightly larger as they are meant to wrap around the trim edges, so that they tuck into the dash body when they are reinstalled.

    Good thing they give you two sets! Took me two tries to get it perfect.

    As far as quality goes, they look as good as real carbon fiber. Night and day difference from stock.

  2. Looks good

    By Robert May 29, 2017

    looks really good. Fit is ok, had to trim some of it.

  3. Good quality!

    By Danny April 07, 2017

    Really nice quality with a nice textured carbon fiber feel. Love it and looks great!

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