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Cubbypod Dual 52mm Gauge Pod - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI

Cubbypod Dual 52mm Gauge Pod - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI



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The Subaru Cubbypod™ line has been expanded to cover the 2015 WRX and WRX STI. If you're looking for a clean mounting solution for a 52mm gauge, look no further.



The Subaru Cubbypod™ line has been expanded to cover the 2015 WRX and WRX STI. If you're looking for a clean mounting solution for two 52mm gauges, look no further.

This product allows you to mount a dual 52mm gauges underneath the AC controls on your vehicle. Most wiring can be routed so that you can keep the rubber mat in place as well.

It's discreet black appearance keeps the interior of your car clean.

NOTE: This will cover your cigarette lighter plug. There are other cigarette lighter plugs in the vehicle like in your center console.

See "ADDITIONAL" tab for installation instructions.

This Part Fits

  • 2015-2020 STI Cubbypod Dual 52mm Gauge Pod
  • 2015-2020 WRX Cubbypod Dual 52mm Gauge Pod


Additional Information

Installation Instructions Installation guide

This is a quick guide to assist customers on Cubbypod™ installation. Your approach might be different and there are alternate ways to complete this task. Please feel free to provide us with feedback so we can update this guide to assist other customers.

Read this guide fully before starting

There are two ways to mount the Cubbypod™:

  • - Using the included 3M automotive tape
  • - Using the provided screws (with or without the tape)

NOTE: The screws provide a stronger mount and more permanent installation, that being said it will be a more difficult installation. You might want to start with the tape only, and if you are satisfied leave it at that (save the screws though). If you find the tape unsatisfactory, we provide the screws. If you use the screws, they put holes in the top of the cubby that are small and unnoticeable if you decide to remove the Cubbypod™ at a later date.

1. Don’t install the gauge yet as shown below. Do some prep work! First, decide the placement of your Cubbypod™, do not remove the tape cover yet. The Cubbypod™ looks best when it is recessed slightly into the cubby as shown. The “roof” of the cubby is also flatter towards the back. Do not mount the gauge or the Cubbypod™ yet!

2. Next, plan your wire routing and start to wire the gauge. You can obtain power from a number of locations including behind the radio or in the fuse panel. This guide assumes you have done simple electrical work and you can figure this out on your own (grab a friend if not!). Here is an example of tapping into the WRX fuse box using a fuse tap (not included - sold in stores or Amazon):

The illumination wire can come from a number of sources as well. The purple wire from the hazard switch or the display switch is one example (you will need to remove the trim around the radio console):

The radio mounts are a good location for ground, though of course there are others.

Wire routing notes: If you cut the back hole where the rubber mat insert sticks into, you can feed the wires down that way. It barely lifts the mat in the corner and unless you shine a light directly back there, you won't see it. Another bonus, you can basically go back to stock if you ever sell the car.

You will have to get through the firewall to wire in the gauge sensor. We recommend searching the online community (NASIOC for instance) to find tips on doing this.

3. With the wiring planned out and prepped (we will assume by now the gauge wire harness is sitting in the cubby waiting for a gauge), now it’s time to install the gauge and plug it in.


4. EASY: Mounting the Cubbypod™ using the 3M tape only:

a. If you want to mount with the 3M tape only, now is the time to mount the gauge into the Cubbypod™ (outside of the car). Use the brackets / hardware provided by the gauge manufacturer to mount the gauge into the Cubbypod™. We do not guarantee fitment with 100% of the gauges on the market (because obviously we cannot test them all), but the space in the rear of the Cubbypod™ should be sufficient for most mounting arrangements.

b. Clean the roof of the cubby with a cleaning product to promote good adhesion and let it dry.

c. Connect the wire harness (pre-wired) into the gauge and test functionality.

d. Remove the 3M tape cover and very slowly and carefully place the Cubbypod into its final location (keep it low for now, then press upward when it’s in location and ready to mount). Hold it against the left side of the cubby as you press upward to make sure it sits tight against the wall. This will look best.

5. DIFFICULT: Mounting the Cubbypod™ using screws (with or without 3M tape, your call):

a. You will need a stubby screwdriver. You might also consider removing the lower console to gain extra room for a screwdriver. You will need some patience as well!

b. Test-install the gauge into the Cubbypod™ outside of the car. Determine if you will be able to access the Cubbypod™ screw holes with a screwdriver once the gauge is installed (this will depend on the mounting hardware of the gauge). If so, install the gauge first then mount the Cubbypod™ into the car using the instructions in step 4, with the additional step of screwing the pod into place at the end. You might want to pre-drill the holes, though with the limited space this might not be an option. Press upward while screwing to get the screws to bite into the plastic. Using the 3M tape to hold the Cubbypod™ in place during this step would be ideal.

c. If you test-install the gauge and realize you will NOT be able to access the screw holes once the gauge is installed, install the pod without the gauge using the instructions in step b above. It will be much easier to access the screw holes without the gauge installed, but installing the gauge after the fact will be very difficult due to the limited space. If you are successful or come up with a better way, please let us know so we can provide tips to other users!

Potential option to make step 5 easier (untested):

d. If the roof of the WRX cubby is removable, this would make step 5 much easier:

e. Install the Cubbypod™ only (no gauge) with tape, remove the WRX cubby roof (with Cubbypod™ now attached), then screw the Cubbypod™ in place, install the gauge, then re-install the roof.
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  1. Great quality product

    By Scott October 27, 2017

    Great quality and superb fit - much better way to display the dials then the cheap plastic pods on top of the dash. Great product.

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