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SubiSpeed Facelift JDM Style Sequential Turn + DRL Bezel - 18+ WRX / STI


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JDM styling is now available in the US without the high price tag. These bezels are finished in a high gloss metallic black paint.

These feature a DRL bar like the JDM version but also have a sequential turn feature.

NOTE: Bundle does NOT include fog lights.
1 x 18+ WRX / STI SubiSpeed Facelift JDM Style Sequential Turn + DRL Bezel    (In Stock)   +$0.00

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Price as configured: $174.95



SubiSpeed Facelift JDM Style DRL Bezel

Subaru didn't bring these awesome fog light bezels to the states. They can be imported but at a cost. A similar look can be replicated using these SubiSpeed bezels however. They feature metallic gloss black bezels and an ultra bright DRL strip.

This version also adds a little more functionality over the JDM bezel. They have full sequential turn signals built in. You can change the function from sequential to standard blink with the flick of a switch on each side.

NOTE: Bundle does NOT include fog lights.

Subispeed's How To Install Video

This video for the original DRL bezels is a great start for your installation. The only added item for these are the pass through turn signal plugs which were designed for vehicles with the turn signals mounted in the lower fog light area. If you vehicle is equipped with headlights which house your original turn signals, you will need to tap those wires into the bezels.

NOTE: These bezels DO NOT have separate LED driver boxes. The electronics are all integrated into the light housing.


  • Red - Positive
  • White - DRL Override (positive, connect to power wire IF you want it to turn off under certain conditions)
  • Black - Negative / Ground
  • Turn signal pass through harness

You can wire these up a few different ways. If you own a 15-17 WRX / STI with bumper conversion or 18+ WRX Premium / Base owner, we recommend the SubiSpeed Quick Connect wire that goes in your low beam and high beam fuse spots. 18+ WRX Limited and STI owners we recommend modifying an add a fuse plug. More details on the "additional" tab.

NOTE: While most of the connectors are sealed, DO NOT allow connectors or the driver boxes to rest in areas where water pools up (ie the plastic tray at the bottom of the car). Encouraging them to be submerged in water for periods of time is not recommended for long life. Mount them in an area that will minimize exposure to water and vibration.

Optional Items

DRL Turn Signal Quick Connect Harness

This product comes with a single add a fuse which can be placed in the high beam fuse position in the fuse box. However, it will go off when the headlights are turned on. There is also another location to get accessory power, but it will always be on. If you want the DRL on this bezel to act like a real DRL (ie turns off when the parking brake is up), choose this harness. It will use both the low and high fuse positions in the fuse box.

OLM Turn Signal Quick Connect Harness for Factory LED Headlights (2018+)

The wiring for 18+ LED headlight equipped vehicles is different from their halogen counterparts and even the 15-17 models equipped with LED headlights. The turn signals were moved up into the headlight casing. This poses a small issue for the standard wiring. This turn signal quick connect harness comes with a factory style plug on one end with insulated male terminals on the other. Just crimp the female T-taps over there two wires going to the factory turn signal bulb in you stock housing and connect these wires to it.

Also supplied is a factory style block off plug to prevent anything from getting inside the rest of the wire. Comes with a pair of harnesses, plugs, and 4 female t-taps. These are all the items required for one vehicle.

This Part Fits

  • 2018+ Subaru STI SubiSpeed Facelift JDM Style Sequential Turn + DRL Bezel
  • 2018+ Subaru WRX SubiSpeed Facelift JDM Style Sequential Turn + DRL Bezel


Additional Information

Installation Instructions

Wiring Notes

All vehicles can use this solution. The lights will come on when you start your vehicle using this power source. The need for this method comes from the 18+ WRX Limited and 18+ STI models which have their stock DRLs integrated into the LED headlamps.

It requires the use of an add a fuse.

Step 1

You will want to remove the lower fuse if you have one installed in your add a fuse. The top slot will require a low amperage fuse (below 5 amps). You will want to remove the prong that is circled in the photo below also.

Step 2

Locate the position of the DRL fuse.

Step 3

Insert the modified add a fuse just like the picture below. This connection will provide a positive power point for your DRL bezels.

Turn Signals

For customers that have turn signals in the lower bumper already, a pass through harness has been included that will allow for simple plug and play installation. For customers that have turn signals in their factory headlights, you will need to run your own wires and tap into the turn signal positive and negative on each side.

For LED headlight owners an easier installation can be done by using the optional OLM quick connect harness.

Additional Warranty Information None

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  1. Greatly exceeded my expectations!

    By Andre December 03, 2018

    I can't believe the quality of these bezels when I first got them. Fitment was exactly on point, so installation was a breeze in that respect and literally took seconds to swap out.

    I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars only because this product is not 100% plug and play for those who have a 2018+ WRX/STI. I never splice into factory wiring/harnesses so if you're like me, purchase the additional add-a-fuse as well as the harness. This will get you everything you need right to splicing into the turn signal socket. I purchased some socket adapters and made my own connector so I wouldn't cut factory wires. Hit me up on IG if you want the info on that (ajp_wrx).

    I would HIGHLY recommend these for anyone wanting to add more lighting and functionality to your front end. It really steps up the look of the car.

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