Raceseng Ashiko Gated Gloss Shift Knob - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI


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Meet Ashiko, weighing in at 735 grams (1.62lbs). The broader cylindrical surfaces make side-arm shifting effortless while providing a domed top face for palm shifting.

These custom gated patterns usually take 2 weeks to make, but we have them in stock!
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Meet Ashiko, weighing in at 735 grams (1.62lbs). The broader cylindrical surfaces make side-arm shifting effortless while providing a domed top face for palm shifting.

These 6 speed gated shift knobs usually take 2 weeks to make, but we have them in stock!

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Whether side-arm or palm shifting from the top, Ashiko's shape is purposefully designed to make both shifting styles more enjoyable. The side surface is designed to fit the natural curvature of your hand and fingers as they wrap around the shift knob as you dictate direction and movement. The domed top surface is intended to compliment palm shifting, giving you an ideal surface area for confident shifting.


1.62 lbs. | 735 grams


2 11/32" | 59.2 mm


2 3/32" | 52.8 mm


With the weight in all the right places, Ashiko redefines your shifting experience through the look and feel of how you shift into gear. You will experience smoother and faster shifts!


Well, to put it as simply as we can, the heavier the knob, the easier it will make shifting feel. Its not magic, its physics. Weight in motion directly relates to how an object will react to an opposing force. In this case, the opposing force is the gate pattern and counter springs that are connected to your shift arm that tell you the shift pattern of your car. The difference felt when shifting into the next gear requires far less effort due to the additional momentum created by the increased mass.


The mirror finish is achieved thru a meticulous powder coating process which includes multiple stages of careful hand work. The shift knobs come off our cnc machines with a super smooth surface finish, then they are gently glass beaded to promote powder coating adhesion. A smooth coat of electrostatically charged powder is applied and then the shift knob is precisely baked at a specific temperature to create a super smooth and durable finish!



The Ashiko comes with a billet aluminum threaded adapter and threaded lock nut with a M12 x 1.25 thread to fit the shift knob to your vehicle.

When installed, the threaded adapter kit allows you to adjust the height and orientation of the shift knob with ease.


The finishing touch on the Ashiko is our optional shift gate pattern engraving. After the Ashiko is powder coated, we put it back into our CNC machine to engrave the shift gate pattern. The stainless steel shows thru the powder coating which makes your shift gate pattern pop!

This Part Fits

  • 2015-2020 STI Raceseng Ashiko Gated Gloss Shift Knob
  • 2015-2020 WRX Raceseng Ashiko Gated Gloss Shift Knob


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  1. Spend your money on it

    By Gabe February 16, 2017

    SERIOUSLY you will not regret it. I completely underestimated both the knob and the weight.

    It flows when getting it in gear. That weight just requires so little effort and really helps with the notchyness that comes with the wrx.

    I questioned why i payed $175 for a shift knob.
    Once arrived and installed i questioned why it wasnt bought sooner.

    The engraving just adds a wonderful touch too. Got it in red to match the accents.

  2. Awesome Shift Knob!

    By steve February 09, 2017

    I got the red one also and love it. Makes shifting easier with the weighted knob. Look awesome also!

  3. This thing is so awesome!

    By Scott December 02, 2016

    I just bought this and it's amazing! I got red to go with the rest of the red highlights in the interior. It goes very well! The color is slightly off than the other red in the car but nothing to complain about here. The weight is beautiful. It helps slide into and out of gears with so much ease and takes away that "crunchy" feeling you have with the stock knob going through gears!

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