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For many 2015+ WRX / STI, 2014+ Forester, and 2013+ Crosstrek owners, this is the main feature that is missing from your vehicle. The comfort and convenience of a proximity entry key and push to start system is highly desired. Along with those features, this has the ability to act as a security system and provide remote start functionality.

NOTE: Please see photos for the differences in the flat keys vs the "normal" round keys.
Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry System with ROUND Access Keys - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI / 2013+ BRZ    (Backorder)   +$420.00

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For many 2015+ WRX / STI, 2014+ Forester, and 2013+ Crosstrek owners, this is the main feature that is missing from your vehicle. The comfort and convenience of a proximity entry key and push to start system is highly desired. Along with those features, this has the ability to act as a security system and provide remote start functionality.

With the addition of genuine Subaru parts, you can make this installation look 100% clean and OEM like. In many respects, this system will be better than the OEM!

Works with manual and auto / CVT transmissions.

Hands Free Keyless Entry

The car key has come a long way. Smart Keyless Entry and Ignition System is a convenience feature that has long been enjoyed by the exclusive domain of luxury vehicles. Here at Advanced Keys, they are dedicated to providing this convenience technology in the form of an aftermarket product for all vehicles.

Entering and starting your vehicle has never been easier. Advanced Keys' Smart Access Keyless Entry System will recognize the keyholder as you approach - even when the access key is in your pocket or bag. It will automatically unlock the doors as you approach or lock as you walk away. To start the vehicle, simply press the start button. Freeing up your hands from fumbling for your key/remote, especially when you have things to carry or too cold to remove your gloves.

Built with the latest secure RFID technology and combined with rolling-code encryption, this dual-frequency proximity access system will provide the best possible vehicle keyless access convenience, security and more.


As you approach the vehicle, within a 2 to 3 meter range your access key will be detected and verified by your vehicle through multiple layers of Radio Frequency Identification.


Upon successful authentication with the access key, you will have exclusive access to your vehicle. Doors will automatically unlock. No more fumbling for keys or push buttons on the remote.

Push to Start

After entering the vehicle, the ignition control will be enabled. Step on the brake and push the start button to start the engine and get going.


Simply walk away from your vehicle with the access key – the vehicle will lock all the doors and arm the alarm system. Optionally, the vehicle can proceed to roll-up any open windows or close the sunroof. Never forget to lock the door or close the windows.

Two Available Key Types


  • Thin and compact, easily tucked away in your pocket or wallet.
  • 3D RFID antenna coil for reliable sensitivity in any orientation.
  • Built in multi-functional buttons for manual door lock control, trunk release and remote start.
  • Low power consumption lasting 18+ months based on typical daily usage.


This model features a traditional access key the looks like one you would find from a factory OEM system. No real signs of aftermarket equipment here.

Dual-Antenna System

From sub-compact cars to full size SUV, the ability to operate two antennas simultaneously provide a complete signal coverage regardless of the vehicle size; effectively reduce installation complexity.

Vehicle Battery Power Saving

System will reduce access keys search frequency after 7 days of inactivity to conserve vehicle battery power. Once the door is opened with the unlock button or with the Bypass Transponder card, system will resume normal remote search frequency.

Ignition Controlled Lock / Unlock

Your vehicle will have the ability to automatically lock the doors after turning ON the ignition and automatically unlock when the ignition is turned OFF.

Bypass Transponder Card / Emergency Access and Ignition

To prevent situations such as lost or damaged access keys, the credit card sized Bypass Transponder Card provides an alternate way of accessing and starting your vehicle. Wave the transponder card over the bypass antenna to disarm, unlock and enable the push-start ignition all at the same time. Never worry about losing or forgetting your keys again.

Ground-When-Running Bypass Enable Output

Supports popular immobilizer / CanBus bypass modules. This feature is essential due to the fact that the 2015 WRX / STI / 2013+ BRZ will require the use of iDataLink, Fortin, of xPresskit modules.

Additional Functions

  • Vehicle anti-theft alarms with flash/horn outputs
  • Door(s) not closed reminder
  • Access key battery low reminder
  • Enable/Disable Smart Key function
  • Enable/Disable Alarm System function
  • Ignition controlled Lock and Lock-Delay function
  • Optional Double (Pulse) Unlock

Auto Windows Closing (Optional Module)

When the doors are locked after the driver leaves the vehicle, system can automatically close all open windows one by one. The added security prevents unauthorized access and protects the vehicle from water intrusion. (Additional Window-Closing Module required).

Vehicle Security

Advanced Keys products are developed based on the foundation of security. You can be rest assured knowing our products are safe and secure which cannot be easily defeated even with sophisticated means. Unlike traditional aftermarket handsfree keyless entry devices which use unsecure open radio frequency, Advanced Keys system utilizes the bidirectional, dual-frequency and multi-layered security:

Layer 1

Equipped with the latest RFID technology with 3rd-generation Mutual-Authentication protocol. This protocol provides industry standard secure authentication which prevents 100% of conventional transmitter code-scanning, sniffing and hijacking. (RFID will not respond to an incorrect challenge and encrypted request signature, thus effectively preventing RFID code sniffing)

Layer 2

Ultra High Frequency RF authentication protocol with code-hopping and encryption technology that offers the same protection as the OEM keyless entry remote plus Time-of-Flight security feature that works in conjunction with Layer 1 to prevent relay attacks.

Anti-Theft Function

In additional to the smart keyless entry function, this is also an alarm system that monitors door switches, brake and ignition. Vehicle ignition can be operated only when a valid access key is identified. When an unauthorized entry and/or vehicle activation attempt is detected, the ignition relay will be disabled; prevent engine from starting.

Multi-Color LED Indicator:

This multi-color LED will provide you with a visual reference about the status of the system/vehicle and simulates as an anti-theft deterrence feature.


With the Smart Key system installed, you can simply walk up to the car and your doors will unlock then re-lock as you walk away . If you forget to shut the doors the system will remind you. If you have the Push-Start module then you have the added ability of pushing a button rather than turning a key to start and stop your vehicle, all without taking out the key.

Installation manuals are included with the Advanced Keys system. While professional installation is recommended, the task is no harder than installing typical alarm systems / remote starts. For the iDatalink modules that you will need to purchase to override the factory immobilizer system there are also installation guides available for those items. Just see our product page for that item.

Yes. Your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer system (chipped key) then you will require a bypass device. A bypass device tells the car’s computer that a valid key is present when a access key is within range. A bypass can be purchased from separately on this site. Please see the related items link towards the bottom of this page for iDataLink kits. Fortin and xPresskit are other manufacturers of these devices.

Optional genuine OEM trim bezels are also available for clean installs.

Antennas should be mounted on a Non-Enclosed and Non-Metallic material such as clear glass or plastic trim panels. Recommended placements for the Front-Antenna is on the top-left corner of the front windshield and bottom-left corner of the rear windshield for the Rear-Antenna. The Bypass-Antenna can be placed around the edge of the front windshield so it can sense the Bypass Transponder Card within one inch away from outside of the vehicle. Do not place antenna in locations that will be shield by metallic material.

The Advanced Key system does include an OEM like button. This is plug and play installation wise. If you BYOB (bring your own button), you will have to wire it properly. Advanced Keys does not support aftermarket push to start buttons HOWEVER they have been proven to work. Examples are OEM buttons to include STI and TRD push to start buttons.

The pin layout for the STI / TRD buttons is as follows:

The installation is identical to an automatic. The remote start function will require an additional connection, but can be made to work as well.

Please see the additional tab above for downloads.

Bundled Accessories

For full descriptions of the bundled items in this package, please visit the "related products" links below.

This Part Fits

  • 2013-2017 Crosstrek Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry Package
  • 2015-2017 Subaru STI Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry Package
  • 2015-2017 Subaru WRX Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry Package
  • 2015-2019 STI Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry Package
  • 2015-2019 WRX Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry Package
  • 2014-2018 Subaru Forester Advanced Keys Push to Start and Proximity Entry Package


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  1. Very happy with this. What Subaru SHOULD have given from factory!

    By Kirsty January 30, 2018

    I purchased this as a complete package (advanced keys, idatalink, idatalink web updater, genuine key hole cover, STi red button). I chose it because it gave me more options than locally available systems for similar pricing. My local alarm shops ( I tried several) all said they were unable to install it (turns out they only wanted to sell me the alarms they sell). I ended up finding a friend who took one look at the wiring diagrams supplied with the kits who said it would be a piece of cake. Took less than a day to have up and running. If you are outside the US or Canada, make sure you can either install it yourself, find a shop that will install it, or have a friend who knows car electrics. I can't speak highly enough of the features this kit provides. After having driven the car for several days with this kit installed, I am very impressed. Everything works flawlessly, and with the genuine STi push button and key hole cover, it looks as though it came like that from the factory. The range on the remote start is huge! I can start my car from my backyard through several brick walls (well over 25 metres away) The only complaint I have is that the LED that comes with the advanced keys unit is fine when it is red, but the blue flashes are SUPER bright. Bright enough to light up the steering wheel and driver seat clearly at night. I have been told I can use the system without the LED plugged in so I will do this once I get the switch blank to replace the one with the LED installed. The only downside is, the LED gives a visual cue as to what state the alarm and keyless entry system is in so I will lose that ( no biggie as I don't intend to have to disable the keyless or anything like that and can plug it in if I ever have to). I opted for the card style access key. It is a perfect size, not too big, not too small so you won't lose it. Even in tight jeans, or the smallest of pockets, it fits and doesn't leave a bulge. The keyless access range is great, about 1-2m which I like alot because it isn't too far meaning that it won't open well before you get to the car allowing someone closer than you access, nor does it unlock too late. I gave it a 5/5 rating for ease of install because I was told it was very straightforward and all the wiring and programming instructions are clear and come with the package. I can't comment first hand though on how easy it was or wasn't.

    Huge thank you once again to Subispeed for a very fast delivery from the US to Australia, as well as putting the whole kit with EVERYTHING needed together.

    One last thing. the advanced keys system has an optional window/sunroof closer module available. I have emailed them about it and will be ordering it ASAP. If you want or need the windows and sunroof to close when the car locks, it is available from advanced keys. I can't comment on it as I don't own it yet, just letting you know it is an option and the keyless/push start modules do support it.

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