SubiSpeed DRL Harness for Boomerang (C-Light) - 15-17 WRX Limited / 15-17 STI

SubiSpeed DRL Harness for Boomerang (C-Light) - 15-17 WRX Limited / 15-17 STI



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Most people love the new boomerang or c-light present in the new WRX. However, many have expressed their interest in running that light as the DRL vs the high beam.



The Original 2015+ WRX / STI DRL Harness

Most people love the new boomerang or c-light present in the new WRX. However, many have expressed their interest in running that light as the DRL vs the high beam.

We wanted to make a solution which could be reversed by the owner and completely returned to stock with no signs of modifications. In the Limited WRX and STI, this harness will light up the c-light as soon as the handbrake is disengaged. It will remain on even if the parking lights, low beams, or high beams are turned on. Since the front sidemarkers are spliced into the c-light from the factory, they will turn on as well.

SubiSpeed Install and Demonstration

Installation is very similar to our original base / premium WRX harness. The ground terminal will NOT be used UNLESS you plan on connecting it to auxiliary DRLs as well. For the Limited WRX and STIs, you will remove the gray headlight harness from each side. Use a flat head screwdriver to depress the tab if you cannot get it off. Once off, use the screwdriver to remove the white insert inside the gray harness. This holds the pins in. Look at the back of the plug (where the wires come out) and remove the top left pin. Reinstall the white insert and plug the headlight back in. Insert our pin in the opening. Be sure to use electrical tape to seal the factory wire to protect it from the elements. You can also tape our wire to the factory harness to reduce movement. As shown in the video, insert the add a fuses in the low beam and high beam locations.

Please look at the "additional tab" for extra installation pictures.


There are a few options when wiring the SubiSpeed's DRL harness. We'll guide you through those in the instructions / videos (coming soon).

1) High Beam DRL + Boomerang / C-Light / Front Side Markers
2) Boomerang / C-Light / Front Side Markers (MOST POPULAR)
3) High Beam DRL + Boomerang / C-Light / Front Side Markers + Accessories
4) Boomerang / C-Light / Front Side Markers + Accessories
5) High Beam DRL + Accessories
6) Accessories Only


We took all things into consideration while designing this simple harness. One goal was to preserve the stock components and basically leave them untouched or fully reversible. The harness uses add a fuses to make a safe connection inside the engine compartment fuse box. The circuits are protected from electricity flowing the wrong direction. Simply weatherproof your stock connections and just keep them there until you sell the vehicle. At that time you can sell the harness and put the stock lights back in. Oh we also included some t-taps in case you want to light up some accessories. They connect to this aftermarket harness and not your factory wiring. It provides a quick and simple solution.


  • Complete harness with 2x c-light connections and pre wired add a fuses (5 amp capacity)
  • 4x T-tap connectors for connecting accessories to the harness

NOTE: Does not include any bulbs. There are no user replaceable C-light bulbs on a limited WRX or STI. Not compatible with Australian models as they use a P13W bulb in the fog light as a DRL.


1 year manufacturer's warranty*


The additional tab on this product page has the instructions for a Limited / STI. They will not be routed the same way.

Anytime the battery is disconnected, there is a chance that the auto windows will need to be reset. This is an easy task to do. Just roll your windows down all the way and then roll them up all the way manually.

This Part Fits

  • 2015-2017 Subaru STI SubiSpeed DRL Harness for Boomerang (C-Light)
  • 2015-2017 Subaru WRX SubiSpeed DRL Harness for Boomerang (C-Light)


Additional Information

Installation Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of the OLM 2015 Limited / STI DRL harness. While the installation is similar to our base / premium harness which we have a video for, there are a couple of different steps.

Step 1

The add a fuses are to protect the factory system from any surges in power. You'll see the new fuses we have provided on top. They are both the same amperage. The fuses below them in the picture are the original for the high / low beams. You need to remove the factory fuses and place them in the bottom slot of the add a fuses. Then plug the add a fuses in those spots.

Step 2

Route the wires out the bottom left hand side of the fuse box.

Step 3

Place the fuse box cover back on and secure the harness with electrical tape or a zip tie to the wire going to the alternator. In the picture above it is circled in red.

Step 4

It's time to remove the plug that goes into the headlight. Both driver's side and passenger's side plugs are wired the same. We will be working with the wire in the top left corner (when viewed from the back). Push down on the clip to get it to release. You might need to use a flat head screwdriver to assist you.

Step 5

Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic retainer clip which holds the pins in. Set this to the side for the moment.

Step 6

Remove the factory pin. Place pressure on the wire. If it does not move, use a small screwdriver to push it out from the other end. Put the retainer clip from step 5 back in the socket. Plug the socket back in.

Step 7

Plug our pin in. You will feel it go around the male plug from the headlight. You will secure the new wire by taping it up around the stock wiring. Complete a couple of loops with electrical tape. This will prevent the wire from banking out. You'll tape up the rest of the wiring later.

Step 8 - Only required if you are hooking up additional items

The ground is only required for powering other items connected to the harness. If you need it, connect it to the chassis ground on the frame rail. It is located directly below where you routed the harness.

In order to power other accessories, you will use the supplied T taps and connect them to the white (positive) and black (negative) wires on the harness. Otherwise you will bundle and wrap the black wires if not in use.

Step 9

Use electrical tape to seal off the stock pin from the elements. Also use it to wrap any wiring which will not be used, as seen in the picture above. We've highlighted the route of our harness in yellow.

Step 10

Route the wiring for the other headlight under the plastic pieces along the front. Repeat the same steps for installation of the passenger side pin.

At this point you can refer to our video for information on unplugging the factory high beam DRL.

Additional Warranty Information No

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  1. Awesome C Light!!

    By GENESIS July 22, 2017

    This was a straight forward install, the toughest part about the install was removing the retaining clip and replacing the wire. Watch some youtube videos on how other users took it out to ease this process. overall i love them! they look so much better than the stock high beam DRL. I wish the stock C Lights were a little brighter! but I have the JDM Fog lights to complement it.

    ***You have to unplug the DRL resistor on the passenger side, if you would like to disable the high beam DRL.

  2. Makes a world of difference

    By Matt May 08, 2015

    Nota bene: Disconnecting the fog light resistor requires PULLING the clip, not pushing, to release the two pieces. It took me a while to notice that... This is not a knock on Subispeed. If you're not an idiot like me, the install is super easy.

  3. Great Product

    By Michael April 01, 2015

    This is a great product. Install was pretty easy. Just remember that the parking break has to be disengaged in order for the DRL to turn on.

  4. Looks Awesome, Should Be OEM

    By Subaru Racer March 21, 2015

    This is awesome! I have wanted this feature since I got my car. I was driving around with my parking lights during the day so that the C light was on. I wanted to set my infotainment unit to switch to night mode whenever I turned on the headlight, but with the parking lights on, the night mode was enabled. With this harness, I could use the C lights as a DRL without having to have the tail lights/licence plat/side markers lights on and without toggling the infotainment system to night mode!

    This was harder to install for me at least because I didn't fully understand the instructions. I have provided a video on YouTube to help anyone who might need it. http://youtu.be/oRrk5BX40wA

  5. Somewhat satisfied

    By Kick3699 December 20, 2014

    First of all I own the STi. In the installation video Yo talks about unplugging the Factory high beam DRL if you don't wish to run the high beams along with the boomerang lights. I would like to add that it may be a fluke or just that I have an STi, but when I unplugged this harness my one touch window feature stopped working and my ECU through a MAF Sensor error. Final result is I plugged it back and everything went back to normal. Other than the option to disconnect the High Beams as DRLs I am pleased.

  6. really fast and easy!

    By Chris December 03, 2014

    This was super easy to do on my STI. Makes it look alot better during the day with out having your high beams on all the time. Only took about 20 min for the general install and about 5 more to tidy up. Thanks!

  7. Works Great!

    By Daniel November 07, 2014

    Works great, super easy install. I have this to use just my C-lights and my JDM LED Fog covers as DRLs. The included T-taps make connecting accessories a cinch. The connection is tight but I might end up soldering the connection point between this harness and the LED cover harnesses. I also may end up just having the LED cover for my DRLs. But that's the biggest advantage of using this harness, you can use it for any number of things and not worry about hacking up your car's factory wiring.

    SubiSpeed: Glad you're enjoying it Daniel! If you're looking for more slack in the wires, please refer to the additional tab on this page where we've added some pictures of how to install it.

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