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OLM HP LED High Beam / DRL Bulbs - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI



SKU: olm-9005-drl-high

Discontinued - *Newer Version Available*

This vehicle has the high beam serve as the DRL as well. They underpower the halogen high beam which gives you a dull orange light as you drive during the day. It is a great safety feature, but most will agree that it looks ugly!

Everyone has the choice to disable their DRLs, but they also make their vehicle less visible compared to their DRL equipped counterparts. OLM favored a solution that would not tamper with the factory safety measures and still give people usable light for their high beams.

New Bulbs from OLM:

Alpha High Beams
MOAB High Beams

This bulb has been discontinued for newer models.



This vehicle has the high beam serve as the DRL as well. They underpower the halogen high beam which gives you a dull orange light as you drive during the day. It is a great safety feature, but most will agree that it looks ugly!

Everyone has the choice to disable their DRLs, but they also make their vehicle less visible compared to their DRL equipped counterparts. OLM favored a solution that would not tamper with the factory safety measures and still give people usable light for their high beams.

This bright LED bulb has a built in heatsink and fan on the back. It features ultra quiet operation and does not require an additional LED driver box to be mounted in the engine bay. It's essentially and plug and play bulb which has a slightly larger footprint than a normal bulb.

Installation is as simple as installing a normal OEM bulb.

NOTE: Please add stock high beam gasket to the base of the light if there is any play. Some customers will need to do this while many will not. Australian customers can use this bulb to replace their main high beam bulb. Limited / STI owners will most likely want to choose 5000K as it is closest to the factory LED low beam.

Color temp: 2950-3200K (3000K Model) / 4850K-5100K (5000K Model) / 6000K-6250K (6000K Model)
Approx. light output: 2100 lumens
Quantity: Sold as a PAIR.
Warranty: 1 year

NOTE: During the hours of dusk, the DRL function will appear very bright compared to the ambient light. It is recommended that you turn your headlights on earlier.

Sold as a PAIR. For 5000k and 6000k options, please purchase our HP Gen 2 bulb.


Each bulb utilizes two of these chips for excellent light output. It delivers 20% more lumens and lumens per watt vs the original XM-L chip. Each chip is capable of 1052-1198 lumen output. This makes the overall output in this application between 2104-2396 lumens depending on operating temperature.


When replacing lights on your vehicle with aftermarket products, current draw should always be a concern. The HP LED bulbs have a low current draw for the amount of light they output. At 12.8V, the current draw is only 1.68 amps.


This customer's video shows the HP LED High Beam / DRL Bulb vs his factory Limited LED low beams.

NOTE: In general this will fit vehicles which use a 9005 bulb. Please verify your bulbs if your vehicle is not listed above.

This Part Fits

  • 2015-2017 Subaru STI OLM HP LED High Beam / DRL Bulbs
  • 2015-2017 Subaru WRX OLM HP LED High Beam / DRL Bulbs


Additional Information

Installation Instructions Remove harness from factory bulb.

Remove factory bulb from socket.

Replace bulb with OLM LED bulb.

Reinstall harness to OLM LED bulb.

The following image, should help you if there is any play in the bulb.

Additional Warranty Information No

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  1. Worth the upgrade

    By Barry May 20, 2015

    Went with the 3000k since I thought the yellow coloration would look different. Looks really good with my White 15 WRX. Real easy to install, takes about 10 min for both sides. I like is as the DRL yellow deff turn some heads but like stated around dawn and dusk they are too bright and have to shut them off.

  2. Worth every penny

    By Guy J April 28, 2015

    You can't go wrong with this one, as a replacement of that ugly orange light that was stock with the car it's a major upgrade well worth the money.

  3. Great Value

    By Tadd March 20, 2015

    Well worth the money. Extremely easy to install.

  4. very bright

    By derek February 22, 2015

    I live up in the mountains so at night there really isn't much light. . These things make it look like daylight.. awesome lights

  5. Great Match

    By max January 27, 2015

    Put these on my 15 STi and the color match is on point. Love the guys at Subispeed! Waiting on my tail as turn with led reverse lights. I'll post once I get those. Thanks for the Laffy Taffy!


    By xsmooth69x December 26, 2014

    Remember these are HIGH beams (High beams with extra High beams) These are not high and low beams. OEM is high beams "weak" ones.

    These are hyper high output. You will be flashed around dusk.

    You can also notice on the youtube video how it throws the light out far more then the OEM bulbs (different pattern too). Highly recommend the harness to change the DRL or un-hook them.


  7. Awesome!

    By Marc Joseph December 06, 2014

    Bought this high beam LED DRL's for my 2013 WRX even thou it's for a 2015 WRX and it fits perfectly, both looks and functionality are awesome!!!

  8. Look Great - Simple Install (once you know the trick)

    By Mark November 03, 2014

    These look great. Getting rid of the amber DRLs was my original goal, but the brighter / whiter High Beams are a huge improvement.
    The installation was simple once I figured out that there's a lever on the harness that you need to press in order to release the existing bulb.

  9. Highly Recommended Upgrade!

    By Bart October 20, 2014

    These are the high beams the car should have come with. The 5000K is a perfect match for the low beams, and the light output is very impressive.

    However, I do not think you will be very popular to on-coming traffic if you use these as a DRL as they are the same brightness on DRL as they are on high beam. In other words, it's like driving around during the day with your high beams on.

    My solution was the simple one - disconnect the DRL. I like the option of having no lights w/o having the parking brake on, and this is needed when I approach our security guards at the federal facility I work at. Now I can turn on the parking lights and only the C-lights are illuminated when approaching the guards (it looks mean).

    I just ordered the LED fogs in 5000k and hope to figure out how to wire them into the high beams, as I'm a little concerned they may be too bright while on low beam.

    I would have given 5 stars, but the strawberry Taffy was melted when I opened the box. :)

  10. PERFECT!

    By Steph October 20, 2014

    I went with the 6000k LED's and I am completely satisfied with them. They are a nice upgrade from the factory lighting and were super easy to install. Thank you Subispeed!

  11. Perfect Upgrade

    By Sean October 16, 2014

    These LEDs are the perfect upgrade for the 2015. I went with the 5000k to match the headlight LEDs on my Limited, and they match perfectly.

    One thing to note, they are very bright, so keep that in mind during twilight hours; switch to your headlights early. Also, you will not be able to flash your high beams while in DRL mode, as they are fully on while in DRL mode. Still work as intended while headlights are on.

    Highly recommended for those that need DRLs as required by law, or those who want their DRLs to look spectacular, and function spectacularly as well!

  12. Greta bulb but may have issues

    By Javier October 03, 2014

    First off, I absolutely love these lights they are gorgeous and help with visibility. Very simple and quick install which took about 5 mins. The only issue I have had with them is that the first set of them went out one at a time, but the guys at SubiSpeed worked quickly to get replacements to me. Now I just hope that I have no issues with this set of bulbs. Thanks guys!

  13. Sweet Bulbs!

    By Cody September 28, 2014

    Running these on a 2015 STI , no fitment issues and 5000k was a pretty spot on match to the low beams GOOD STUFF.

  14. Great replacements for OEM DRLs

    By Alekzander September 24, 2014

    These guys work and look great, easy install with no fitment issues.

  15. 6000k

    By Frank September 04, 2014

    I went with the 6000k LED's and they could not be any better. These are much better looking and a much needed change to the DRL's. Quick shipping and a happy customer. If you are contemplating buying these, don't, buy them now and you won't be disappointed.

  16. TOTALLY worth it.

    By Dan September 03, 2014

    These make the car pop when you see it from afar. Simple swap (love the instructional video) and definitely improve the look. High beams now have more coverage too so that's a safety bonus!

  17. Happy with Purchase

    By Joseph August 24, 2014

    I would have given a 5 star review but I found BOTH sides to be somewhat loose after being installed. I grabbed the rubber o-ring from the factory lamp and added it to the new unit. With the combined pressure they fit snug as they should.

  18. These are exactly as advertised. A+++++

    By invisusAG August 21, 2014

    These lights are simply amazing. The installation was super easy, fast, and exactly like the instruction video. The difference is like night and day. Customer service was outstanding.

    Original Review Date: Aug 7, 2014 4:52:08 PM (migrated by Admin)

  19. LEDs rock

    By Anthony August 21, 2014

    DRL/high beams work as described, easy install. Thanks for the install video.

    Original Review Date: Aug 3, 2014 5:26:41 PM (migrated by Admin)

  20. 5 STARS!

    By Michael August 21, 2014

    Do you know what's better than these DRL LED Bulbs?

    SubiSpeed's Customer Service!!!!!!***#&(#^%#!@)$!!!!

    Long Story short: Chris at SubiSpeed went out of his way to make sure this customer (me) was 1000% satisfied with my DRL bulb purchase! ... and that's how you win loyal customers forever!

    Original review date: Jul 29, 2014 1:59:01 PM (migrated by Admin)

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