New Products November 2018

Subispeed New Products November2018

Cobb Titanium Cat Back Exhaust - 2015+ WRX / STI

The COBB Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust is un-matched in build quality, style, and performance. Utilizing Grade 4 titanium tubing, this cat-back offers high corrosion resistance and protection from impacts. Back purging ensures quality welds that will not fail due to contamination. The entire system uses slip-fit connections, allowing for a wide range of adjustment. Blued titanium tips add a distinct touch and offer adjustability. Best of all, this complete system weighs in at 24lbs assembled, nearly 50% lighter than it's stainless steel counterpart.

If you'd like to learn more about this exhaust go ahead and clickhere!

Subispeed V2 Sequqential Tail Light

Newly styled but inspired by our original Subispeed Tail Lights, the all-new V2s are ready to hit the road. They are similar to the V1's but the C-Light now extends further with a slightly more aggressive shape. You guys have been asking to make the C-Light into the turn signal and we've been listening! The C now acts as a sequential turn that can be turned into a blinking mode if you're not about the sequential look.

If you're interested into looking more into these headlights and seeing more media on them go ahead and clickhere!

OLM Fog Light Shift Series Bulbs

OLM's Al series utilizes efficient LEDs to maximize light output while keeping the overall bulb affordable. Here's a great plug and play solution for owners with standard halogen bulbs in their fog lights.

Featuring a dual 3150K / 6500K output.

If you'd like to check out these lights go ahead and clickhere!

OLM Front Window Louver

Subaru used rather large front quarter windows in the WRX / STI, so give them a little styling. This is the same material that is used on the OLM Rain Guards. While dark, they still allow some light through.

Sold as a set, these window louvers add a little style to your vehicle in seconds.

If you're interested into looking more into these window louvers clickhere!

Cusco Power Brace Rear Trunk Plus

Addition precision to handling under loads, and keeping uni-body structure pinned to reduce alignment changes, works best as a set with CUSCO new "Seat Rail Plus" Power Brace.

If you'd like to check out this power brace go ahead and clickhere!

Subispeed Facelift JDM Style DRL Bezel

Subaru didn't bring these awesome fog light bezels to the states. They can be imported but at a cost. A similar look can be replicated using these SubiSpeed bezels however. They feature metallic gloss black bezels and an ultra bright DRL strip.

If you're interested in either checking them out our learning more about them go ahead and clickhere!

3D Carbon Lower Door Protection

This vinyl product is relatively easy to install and serves a couple of purposes. It can protect / cover up the lower part of your door and does change the look of your vehicle at the same time.

If you're interested in protecting your doors go ahead and clickhere!

OLM Point Five Duckbill

The OLM Point Five Duckbill Spoiler is meant to be a step in between an aggressive duckbill spoiler and the OEM low profile one. Easy to install and hard not to love.

Check it out by clickinghere!

Driveshaft Shop CF Driveshaft 6MT - 2015+ WRX

Coming in at a mere 12.95lbs, this 1 piece driveshaft replace the factory OEM 2 piece shaft and reduces the weight almost in half.

Go ahead and clickhere to check it out!

Cobb Intake System W/ Airbox - 2018 STI RA / 2019 STI

The classic Cobb intake system, but now for anyone with a STI RA or 2019 STI!

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US vehicles were never given the DRLs that were available in Japan. Here's your opportunity to give your vehicle that look at a great price.

A premium replacement for the OEM FR-S/BRZ/86 cluster face. Made from hi-grade laser cut Lexan printed with UV resistance ink for a durable finish. The result is a direct fit cluster face that requires no modifications. Furthermore, all factory functions such as warning symbols and lighting remain intact.

If you want to make some serious to your gauge cluster go ahead and clickhere!

New Volk ZE40's for 2013+ BRZ / 2014+ Forester

The 10 spoke wheel that you love in a couple new finishes for the BRZ / Forester crowd out there. Photos don't really do these wheels justice. Check them out by clickinghere.

Cusco Pitch Stop Mount W/ HD Rubber

The new pitch stopper from Cusco incorporates a metal mount and high durometer bushings. This prevents extra slop and makes a more direct connection with the drivetrain and chassis. If you have to shudder under heavy acceleration this is the perfect upgrade for you!

If you'd like to check out this pitch stop go ahead and clickhere!

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