Modified Technologies Sequential C-light Bars - 15+ WRX / 15-17 STI


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Take your headlight to the next level with these sequential C-light bars from Modified Technologies!

Sold as a PAIR. Only fits 2018+ models with standard halogen headlights.
1 x WRX/STI Sequential Headlight C-Bars    (Ships From Factory)   +$0.00

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Price as configured: $349.99



Taking Lights to the Next Level

Most will compare this product to standard switchback LED boards currently available and that simply is NOT the case. Apples and oranges to say the least. Simple one-off VIP Style LED setups start at over a grand for the basics and can easily work into the $3K+ range. This kit gives you the supplies necessary to make it happen yourself for just a small fraction of the cost needed before! If you want switchback boards for a more budget-friendly cost, you are best off shopping elsewhere. This is for those that want a killer lighting setup without the crazy, one-off price tag. After all, we believe lights are so much cooler when they move!

They also have an extra wire that will let your DRLs function in an OEM like manner. Meaning they can dim when your headlights come on. It's optional so you can keep it at full brightness if you choose to.

SubiSpeed Overview Video

In our video we give you a broad overview of what this product brings to the table. We also talk briefly about the wiring. As you can see, this product gives you a great way to stand out in a crowd of modified WRXs and STIs.

SubiSpeed Install Video - Similar Product

This video shows the installation of C-lights on another product. The process of baking the lights to remove the lens is the same. Modified Technologies takes the time to label every wire so the process of wiring everything up makes perfect sense. No struggling to figure things out.

Form Meets Function

Keep the factory look of your head lights but with so much more functionality! Our LED boards complete the C-bar shape and give your ride a premium look. With the running light animations, sequential turn signals, and a looping show mode, your WRX is sure to stand out from all those others running their standard switchback LED boards.

The Deets

All boards are designed and manufactured in house. Yes, they are indeed homegrown. No importing here! Our WRX boards utilize a combined 168 dual color LEDs separated into 28 channels to create the unique animations you see here. Installation is mostly plug and play with a few T-tap connectors. If you've installed a set of C-lights before, you can install these! Check out our list of authorized installers if you do not feel comfortable installing the product yourself.

  • Total of 168 dual color leds
  • 5.4W/side (max)
  • 14 channels/side (switched ground)
  • Plug and Play Wiring
  • No Cutting required

NOTE: If you do not purchase the optional key fob remote, you can simply wire the show mode signal to a switch.

What's Included?

  • LH and RH LED Boards with wiring
  • Sequencer with wiring
  • T-Tap connectors for input signal
  • Installation Instructions
  • Key Fob Remote for Show Mode *optional

Optional Items

SubiSpeed DRL Quick Connect Harness

This harness allows you to power your DRL lights the way they should be. That means they will turn on when you drop your parking brake / shift into drive (CVT).

The installation is the same for the fuse box connection in the installation video located here: here

SubiSpeed Front Turn Signal Quick Connect Harnesses

Another one? Yes, we have another harness that can make plugging in your turn signals a bit easier. Set these up so you don't have to tap any stock wires.

SubiSpeed Sidemarkers

These sidemarkers are a direct fit replacement for the factory orange sidemarkers that come with 2015+ WRX and STIs. This is a great modification to perform when you're working on your headlights. Blacken out the housing and install clear or smoked sidemarkers!


Quickly start and stop the show mode feature with this wireless remote. Comes with two remotes and is perfect for this setup!


Worried that your headlight won't seal properly once you've opened it? We did too and that's why we use RetroRubber to help reseal our headlights. This OE style glue fills in the gaps between the casing and the lens.

This Part Fits

  • 2015-2017 Subaru STI Modified Technologies Sequential C-light Bars
  • 2015-2019 WRX Modified Technologies Sequential C-light Bars


Additional Information

Installation Instructions

Opening WRX / STI headlights does not require "baking". Most people can separate the headlight lens from the housing at room temperature.

During this time you may want to upgrade to HID projectors and upgrade your side markers.

Additional Warranty Information

We are not responsible for fees associated with installing and/or removing this product from your headlights.

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  1. Twisted Neck Syndrome?

    By Stephen December 23, 2018

    Do you have a stiff neck? Did you see these headlights and instantly obtain TNS? Well you're not the only one.

    - super bodecious light bar that moves like a snake when you hit the turn signal.
    - sleeper stock looking brah, except they twinkle in perfect formation.
    - creates sore necks around town

    - Expensive, but well worth it.
    - Taking apart headlamps can be a pain and time consuming without heat gun.
    - Needs better instructions. Had you look up videos on proper wires to tap into.

    While a little time consuming trying to unseal and reseal headlamps, these were by far a better investment then regularly switch backs.
    Most people that see these light bars want to know where I bought them.

    Instructions were not perfect, I recommend getting the Subispeed Quick Connect DRL harness that made this installation a breeze once I ordered it. If you want a unique look without going all out for Subispeed redlines, these are well worth the investment. Make sure to carry some Motrin for the stiff necks around town.

  2. Worth it

    By Isaac January 15, 2018

    These lights are awesome and worth the effort! The install was a super pain on the limited sti but I get looks and compliments everywhere I go!

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